Voices in the Shadows

Gm's log 11/3/13

A brief review of the session as a catch for those not there and refresher for those that were

Murat and Flavian found themselves in FOB camp bulldog, they were introduced to the camp sergeant rick ‘mongrel’ johnson. The pair head off in different ways Flavian to procure some armaments and Murat for a quick beverage. Murat meets two vendetta pilots who are willing to offload some of the extra wares in the storehouse…for the right price. He also convinces two other guardsmen to act as hired guns for the pair (murat), they agree provided its cleared with the mongrel.

Murat gets into a scrap with johnson, when he says he cannot allow any of his already low troop count to leave and yells at murat for trying to intimidate him. Fortuanatly Flavian interupts before things get too ugly. The pair team up again as the sergeant stomps off to his office, and head of to meet Murat’s acquaitances. Flavian turns a blind eye as Murat divulges in some suspect dealings and procures some extra gear and the services of two vendetta pilots. They begin to head off to the gunships when Murat peels off and says he will catch up later.

Murat slinks into the mongrels office and ‘settles’ an argument….

The crew touch down in a clearing in the jungle as far forward as they can out of Ork gun fire range and head off in the direction of the forge. As they move along, Flavian spots a glimpse of light through the dense jungle and moves in to investigate, where he clumsily disturbs some grots kicking the crap out of a weary looking guardsmen. Flavian takes a shot to the leg from a grot shoota, followed by an unlucky lasgun shot from one of the pilots, which drops him to the ground. From there with gritted teeth – he exacts his vengeance sending bits of grot sailing through the trees using his shotgun.

The crew gather round the downed guardsmen and the pilots bring him round and patch him up using their field survival skills. The guardsmen introduces himself as Doc.

They try to continue but the jungle is too dense and they can’t get through so go back the way they come and take a different path from the LZ. once again Flavian takes point and carefully treads along, he notices movement in the shadows and the occasional flash of red, he sends a message to the others to take care over the vox. the others sneak along behind him, the doc follows the same path while the pilots move through the denser jungle.

Suddenly a great reptillian beast emerges next to Flavian, with a huge drooling maw lined with cracked and ragged teeth, and a barbed tail dripping with a purple ooze swishing behind it. Flavian rolls to the ground and fires his shotgun in its face shredding flesh and crushing skull, the beast drops to the ground in death throes, catching Flavian with its barb but fortuanatly not wounding him.

The doc tries to pull off a similar feat when another beast looms out in front of him, though he is not so nimble misses the head, however catching the body and knocking the beast back, Flavian steps in and finishes the beast off with his pistol…much to Docs dismay.

Meanwhile the pilots are ambushed by one of the beasts, while one rolls to safety the other is caught in its maw by his shoulder and pinned against a tree, Murat comes dashing in to save the day but gets his glaive stuck in a tree, the free pilot fires his rifle but misses in the confusion catching Murat. Who then recovers and frees his glaive swinging at the beast, but misses. The pilot stuck in the beasts mouth, drives his dagger into its eye causing his release. As the whiptail recoils in pain and paws at its wound, Murat darts in and slices deep into its neck but gets caught by its tail taking a slight nick.

The group rally themselves and patch up, before continuing along, they come to a fork. on the left a long straight line leading out into daylight, on the right a dark and winding path. Flavian starts off down the left, but is later forced to head back down the right path when everyone else moves off that way. Doc is on point and wanders haplessly into a stranglevine, shortly followed by Murat who heroically tries to help the Doc before blundering arse over tit into the vine too. As they struggle flavian strolls up and unslings the flamer, and sends a thick jet of flame spewing out over the main body of the vine. Allowing Murat and Doc to escape.

Murat struts off towards the head of the group with his two hired guns in front of him, with slightly dented pride. They continue along, forgetting the need to tread lightly, before too long they are met with a snarling Ork boy thundering along the path towards them, the two gunmen take aim, Smith panics and misses – but thompson is a little more collected (what with being a trained sniper) and manages to slow the Ork a little with well directed shot to the chest. The Ork still comes though and barrels into Smith smashing its choppa into his chest and sending him sailing through the trees. Murat charges in to run the Ork through with his glaive, but also gets sent thundering into a nearby tree with broken ribs. Thompson in his quick thinking grabs a hallucinogen grenade pulling the pin, causing the Ork to drop to the ground and start tearing at its skin yelling about bugz, while thompson stands up giggling and jibbering something about invisibilty before stumbling off the track into the bush.

Flavian goes after thompson, and the Doc walks over to the Ork and puts a bullet through its brain – before making sure Murat and Smith are ok and patching them up as best he can.

The group move a little further and come to the end of the jungle, the forge is not far away- maybe a few hours. They decided to set up camp as dusk is falling and they could all use some time to heal their wounds and aches.



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