Voices in the Shadows

It begins; the data logs of Attilas Tzarin

(Session 2 of campaign) introduction of TECHPRIEST and cleric.

Cathedral. Data banks. Cache/ vault of relics.

Successfully operate machinery and scavenge spare parts.

Go up in lift. Assaulted by forge workers. Violence initiated by new comrades in arms. Wary of ‘doc’ clearly has a substance abuse problem and is a habitual liar.

Murat is unhinged but driven and acts with authority and clarity of purpose.

The cop is trustworthy. A valuable ally in this war zone.

The cleric seems uncomfortable around other imperials…

I need to make repairs and further fortify the complex from the green skin threat.

Corridor shenanigans. Shut off steam valve. More violence, i am caught up in trigger happy attidtude of Murat. Enter canteen. Lots of blood. Scan map. Move out to make contact with Colonel Inez. Big warehouse. I move to the lift and am inspecting the workings. Orks crash in. Gun fight. Cleric has taken leave of his senses. Leaps off gantry. He is very nervous about meeting more imperials. More Orks arrive and are gunned down by imperial guard forces. Fortunately I am clear of the fusillade. Enter lift… //end of session 2

(Authors note: sorry chaps. Will write this up properly ASAP. Currently just notes whilst its fresh. Backstory and session three to follow sometime this week.)



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